• Energetic Assessments & Clearances

    Clear the energy of your home, property, business and personal space

    Does your home or property have a bad vibe? Do you feel anxious when you enter or avoid going into certain rooms? Do you or other family members suddenly start arguing at home? Having trouble sleeping? Has your home been on the market or vacant for longer than expected? Do you feel 'cursed' or have loads of bad luck? These and many more signs are indicators that you might have unwanted energy hanging around you or your property. Please check out the site then Book In a solution today for immediate results!


    All bookings involve an Energetic Assessment where I telepathically tune in to your situation and advise you what is going on. They also involve an Energetic Clearance of the following:


    - the premises

    - the land immediately surrounding the premises (your property)

    - the personal energy fields of all occupants and pets

    - the electrical system

    - all appliances and devices located within the property

    - modem and internet connection


    I will also check and determine the best way for correcting the following:


    - portal and vortex activity

    - traditional land ownership imbalance


    You can choose from one of the following appointments:

    In Person

    I will come to your premises (must be located within one hour of Perth CBD in Australia) and perform an Energetic Assessment. I will advise you what is causing the disturbance and answer any questions you have. I will clear any priority negative energies in the environment immediately.


    We will meet for up to one hour however the total time spent on your issue will be three hours (excluding travel time).


    After I have departed, I will finalise the Energetic Clearance and email you an Outcome Report with the results, on the same day.


    This type of appointment is great if you live in Perth and would like the added assurance of meeting me in person.


    I will call you on the number you specify and perform an Energetic Assessment. I will advise you what is causing the disturbance and answer any questions you have. I will clear any priority negative energies in the environment immediately.


    We will speak on the phone for up to one hour however the total time spent on your issue will be three hours.


    After we have ended the conversation, I will perform the Energetic Clearance and email you an Outcome Report with the result, on the same day.


    This type of appointment is perfect if you reside outside of Perth or need a clearance performed urgently.


    When making the booking, please upload a photo of the front of your premises or of yourself, if you believe the issue is specific to you (i.e. goes with you from house to house).



    In Person - 60 mins - $219 (concession $179*)

    Remote - 60 mins - $169 (concession $149*)


    *Concession prices are offered for clients who can provide one of the following current concession cards:

    • Student Card
    • Low Income Health Care Card
    • Seniors Health Card
    • Pensioner Concession Card

    Please read the Disclaimer - Energetic Assessment & Clearance then go to Book Now to schedule an appointment.


    Please note 'Remote' appointments need to be paid for in advance at the time of booking (via credit/debit card or PayPal account). 'In Person' appointments can be paid for either in advance at the time of booking online or in person via credit/debit card or cash. If you have concession and wish to book a Remote clearance, please email me with your request and a copy of your concession card so I can prepare an online invoice for pre-payment.


    Note - the majority of issues are resolved within one session. On the rare occasion a follow up clearance may be required to fully resolve the issue. This is usually for Personal Energy imbalances with people who are psychically gifted and for land with significant portal/vortex activity or traditional land ownership imbalance. A follow-up clearance/guidance session is $119 for one hour (In Person) or $99 (Remote) and no concessions apply.


    All prices factor in the following items which are undertaken outside of the one hour appointment:

    • preparation
    • travel time (for 'In Person')
    • clearance
    • report writing
    • closing off

    Each session takes around three hours in total to complete and all steps need to be undertaken carefully and thoroughly to ensure that my own energy levels stay protected and balanced.

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  • Benefits of a clearance

    Some of the main benefits include...


    You, your family and guests can start sleeping soundly again! No more being terrified to go to bed at night or not wanting to be alone in your own house. If you're a business owner, no more scared staff/customers/guests impacting the running of your business! You become the owner of your space again and feel comfortable and safe.

    Sell or lease a property

    I have proven cases where a house that has been on the market for over one year, has sold within two days of an Energetic Clearance being performed. Houses can remain unleased or unsold for many months, even years, due to energetic imbalances. At best you've got a ghost in there, at worst there's one or more negative entities, turning potential buyers or tenants away.


    If a tragedy has occurred at the property, an agent is required to disclose a death if it happens within the legal definition of the property. I can clear all negative energy within the property and provide a Certificate of Energetic Clearance upon request. Apart from making the property feel a lot better upon entering, the certificate could provide a positive spin for the potential buyer/tenant, when notified of the history.


    The cost of a simple clearance could save you thousands of dollars.

    Get your life back and awaken your gifts

    Energetic imbalances can wreak havoc with your life. Correcting these can improve your physical and mental health, relationships, social life, career and spiritual journey. Of course, all of these things may be a 'work in progress' but I have found that a solid clearance gives instant relief and provides the starting point for growth to begin.

  • About

    Facilitating healing, communication and an understanding of the energetic world

    Renee Cusworth

    Psychic Medium

    I first discovered energy around me when I was a child, in the form of being able to sense a spirit in my presence. Spirits would come to me regularly (mainly at night time) which was terrifying to say the least! I was blessed to have an understanding family and group of friends around me, however for the most part, this gift was mainly misunderstood.


    I was intuitive throughout my teenage years and in my early twenties I began to see other forms of energy around me, as well as flowing through my hands. I didn’t know what to do with this so continued to work within the financial services and stockbroking industries until my early thirties.


    Towards the end of my corporate career, I took a year off and went travelling around the world. I connected instantly with Central and South America and visited numerous times. It was in Costa Rica that I discovered energy medicine, as a way of healing a broken bone in my foot. Upon returning home I began receiving regular Kinesiology treatment (an energy based complementary therapy) and had excellent results. So much so that I began to study it!


    It was during this period that my psychic gifts increased rapidly, with increased spirit communication and intuitive healing work. I also began to gain control of my 'gifts' and established strong energetic boundaries, meaning that I can communicate with spirits on my terms now, rather than the other way around!


    I communicate with spirits telepathically (in my mind) and receive information for all of my work via:


    thoughts and sounds (clairaudience)

    images (clairvoyance)

    feelings (clairsentience)

    intuition / gut feeling (claircognizance)

    smells (clairscent)

    tastes (clairgustance)


    I have been able to use these skills to not only relay messages from 'the other side', but to also help spirits that have become 'stuck' here (i.e. a ghost or earthbound spirit). By communicating with these particular spirits, I can determine why they haven't crossed over properly, counsel them if required and then help them cross over into the light to continue their journey. Spirits/ghosts are largely misunderstood, we need to remember that they are someone’s mother, brother, friend etc, so wouldn’t you want to help them? There are also some more negative energies out there, which I have the ability to transmute and clear away. My gift is that they cannot be around me, so I have no fear in doing this work.


    I have also developed an intuitive healing technique, based on that I have the ability to perceive and clear where negative energy is being held around a person’s energy field and within their body. The energetic body is where most of our issues are held, so if we clear this then the physical and emotional bodies begin to heal. This is the same principle that is applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture.


    My aim is to facilitate healing, communication and an understanding of the energetic world.

  • Signs To Look Out For

    Here are some common things which can occur when you have a spirit visitor, ghost or negative energy around you:

    1. Unexplained noises – footsteps, knocking, banging, rapping, scratching sounds, sounds of something being dropped. Noises can be subtle and at other times quite loud. You could hear a loud clapping near your head as you’re dropping off to sleep
    2. Doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing – sometimes they slam or you return to a room to find them open or closed, when they were left in the opposite position
    3. Commonly used items disappear and reappear without cause
    4. Lights/appliances turn on/off by themselves
    5. Globes blow regularly and electricians can't find anything wrong
    6. You can smell something that’s not physically there, like perfume, cigarettes, familiar food
    7. Unexplained shadows or lights – you might see something out of the corner of your eye, but when you look there’s nothing there
    8. You have seen a strange 'fog' in the house
    9. Feeling of being watched
    10. Your hairs might stand on end when you’re in certain parts of the house or you get chills as the temperature drops suddenly
    11. You hear a voice calling or whispering your name. You may even hear voices of one or more people asking for help or abusing you
    12. Pets behave strangely and/or fall ill – a dog may bark at something unseen or refuse to enter a room. Cats may stare at something across the room. They may experience anxiety and their health declines rapidly (animals absorb negative energy)
    13. Disturbed sleep – you may have vivid dreams or wake up in the middle of the night sleep talking to 'someone' or see a figure sitting or standing at the end of the bed.
    14. You may have a nasty image pop into your head out of nowhere
    15. Photographs or other objects are moved or turned around
    16. You feel a heavy pressure, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath or nauseaus in parts of the house
    17. You may experience 'sleep paralysis', where you wake up and can't move or speak, but can still breathe and look around. This may be accompanied by a feeling that something is holding you down
    18. You may wake up with a strange bruise or mark on your body that wasn’t there when you went to bed – it could resemble a hand mark
    19. You or other members of the house argue – you might be in a good mood but then this changes when you get home, with no real cause
    20. New house mates arrive and suffer a quick deterioration in physical and/or mental health
    21. Children behave out of character or act more aggressively. They may point to things you can't see or become scared about being alone at night. They may talk about the 'scary man', 'monsters' or complain about noises they hear in their bedroom
    22. Someone has performed a séance in the house in the past or were known to dabble in the occult
    23. There is old or second hand furniture/objects in the house
    24. You’ve recently renovated or installed items from an old house such as wooden floorboards
    25. You know the history of the house – and a tragedy has taken place there or it was a site for hard drug taking or squatting
    26. You may have actually seen a ghost or captured something strange like an 'orb' in a photograph
    27. Professional psychics, intuitive friends or healing professionals may give hints that there is something 'amiss' around you or your house
    28. You're plagued by bad luck, with health, accidents, career or life in general
    29. You may feel like something is sitting on your shoulders or on top of your head
    30. You suffer from feelings of depression, anxiety or negative thoughts. This can sometimes be due to a negative energy attached to your energy field, influencing your thoughts and behaviour
    31. Friends and/or family have started distancing themselves from you
    32. Guests refuse to stay over – they might have experienced some of the above during the night and let you know the next day. They are usually quick to get out of there! Alternatively when you're a guest in someone else's house, they may tell you that you've 'brought something negative' with you
    33. Staff refuse to work late – in a work environment like a café or restaurant, staff may be experiencing some of the above and refuse to work late or on their own
    34. You've been trying to lease or sell a property for many months/years with no luck, despite it being an attractive property at a competitive price. Potential buyers/tenants could be walking into the place and experiencing negative energy

    I've personally experienced many of the above problems so I know how terrifying they can be! I now know how to resolve these types of issues and establish peace for yourself, your family and the property. Please book in a clearance today for immediate results.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Why are you doing this?

    Well, someone has to! There's a great demand for it and I've got the skills to do the job. I have great empathy for the spirit/ghost who is 'stuck' here as well as the person or family who are suffering from the experience. I'm doing this kind of work whether I like it or not, and as an old work mate told me when I shared my previous nights encounters - "it's like you have two jobs!". Yes, it is! I've come to accept that it's a special gift that I have so I may as well help people while I can.

    How does an assessment and clearance work?

    Firstly I 'assess' the situation telepathically, by tuning in to the property or to your personal energy field. During this process I can determine what the issue is, the reason why the ghost/spirit/negative energy is there and what I need to do to help them move along. I can do this in person at your property, or remotely from my house, using a photograph that you provide.


    I then perform the clearance part of the process, which involves me removing the unwanted energy by helping them to 'cross over' and return 'to the light' (if it's a ghost/spirit) or transmuting the negative energy. I then do a sweep and energetically clear all areas as noted here. This ensures the areas are clear, the unwanted energy is removed and energetic protective barriers are put in place to install peace for yourself and within the property. I perform this part of the process from within my own home and email you an Outcome Report with the results, on the same day.

    What do you actually do during the assessment?

    Whether performed in person at your property, or remotely via the phone, both involve just a conversation between yourself and I. I will give you the results of the assessment as they come to me, and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your specific situation or anything supernatural or 'spooky' in general. I have found that nearly every person I have spoken to has a 'ghost story' of their own to share but have been too afraid to tell anyone! Of course this is up to you, you're paying for my advice on the situation so it is up to you how you would like to use the hour.

    What happens during and after the clearance?

    When I'm performing the clearance, you shouldn't notice anything other than a feeling of lightness and peace come over you and the premises. You don't have to be home when this happens.


    Afterwards, all of the problems that you reported to me should now be cleared and you and the property should be noticeably calmer. I'll send a follow up email a few days after our appointment, please report back to me how things are going.

    What does 'crossing over' or 'the other side' actually mean?

    These are terms frequently used to describe the realm in which spirits exist. When someone dies, their soul leaves their physical body and progresses to what many have described as 'the light' or a 'tunnel of light'. This part can be referred to as 'crossing over' and is a natural progression which usually happens very quickly and easily. Once the soul has 'crossed over', they then exist in a realm which can be referred to as 'the other side', 'heaven' or 'another dimension'.


    People who've had near death experiences report back about going to this place. And people who've undergone hypnotherapy, have reported similar experiences about what happens after death.


    Sometimes however, souls don't cross over immediately after death, for a number of reasons which can be explored more below. These are the spirits that we tend to refer more to as 'ghosts' or 'earthbound spirits' and can make a bit of a fuss interacting with us as they are trying to get our attention to pass a message across or ask for help.


    It's a controversial subject and everyone has their own belief systems, which is perfectly ok.

    Why hasn't the soul 'crossed over' or why is the ghost 'stuck'?

    From my experience, these are the common reasons:


    1) Sudden or traumatic death and they weren't ready to leave behind a loved one

    2) Guilt over the way that they treated someone

    3) Attachment to a house or object

    4) Intense sadness at the time of death

    5) Fear about moving on into the 'unknown', due to their behaviour in life

    How do you get them to 'cross over'?

    Most of the time, the ghost or spirit is tired and has been playing up to get your attention as they are bored, sad, frustrated and need help. Now that they have it and we've made contact, my job is to visualize recreating the 'light' that they need to cross over into and encourage them to go towards it.


    This usually happens very quickly and easily, however further counselling can be required which I handle through telepathic communication.

    Do I have to pay more if I have more than one ghost?

    No, you wouldn't know if this was the case or not, so it is only fair to charge a flat rate for the assessment and clearance.


    The only exception is if the premises is exceptionally large (e.g. a large hotel) or suffered a vast amount of tragedy. For these circumstances please contact me prior to booking.

    Why do I have a negative entity around me?

    There could be many different reasons, such as you're psychically gifted (you may not even be aware of this) or an event in your life has caused your energetic boundaries to weaken. The entity may have already been in the house when you moved in. Sometimes the exact origin of the entity can't be pinpointed as it's best to just remove as quickly as possible.

    I need help NOW, I don't want to go one more night!

    If your issue is urgent and there are no appointments available in the next couple of weeks, please send me an email and I'll see what I can do. We can always book in a remote clearance at times not listed as available.


    In the meantime, here are some tips to help get you through:


    1) Close your eyes and visualise white light around you, everyone in your home (including pets), your whole house, the whole property, then expand out until the whole neighbourhood, city, country and world is covered. Repeat each morning and evening and whenever you feel unsafe


    2) Pray to God or ask for protection from whomever/whatever you believe in. Call upon your spirit guides, guardian angels or Archangel Michael for protection. Don't be afraid to call upon the whole lot of them!


    3) Get yourself a bible and/or crucifix and keep beside the bed. I have witnessed first hand the power that this holds. I am sure holy texts or objects from other religions would work aswell


    4) Don't watch horror or scary movies (especially Paranormal Activity!). Avoid media for a while as it tends to promote the spread of negative news and tragedies


    5) Finally, have faith! You are more powerful than you realise. These energies can't hurt you and they can only scare you as much as you let them

    How did you realise you can do this?

    I've always been 'bothered' by spirits but it was a few years ago that I began to help them rather than just be scared of them. I used to dream of fatal car accidents and would read about them in the news the next day. Then I would experience someone 'pop into my mind' as I was about to fall asleep and I would know why they were there and that they needed help. I started to visualise white light and I would feel a sense of lightness and peace as they were released. They would also thank me wholeheartedly for my assistance.


    My next lesson was learning how to control my 'gifts', as once this gateway was opened, every man and his dog (literally) approached me for help. I could even read a news article about a haunted house in Tasmania, and within seconds I knew why it was haunted and unfortunately connect to the energy of the spirits instantly. This was a problem, as I clearly had no control of it if all I had to do was read an article to connect to the energy!


    So I worked on setting up strong energetic boundaries. My friends joked that I needed to put up a 'closed' sign, well, I actually did! The first night I did that is a story for another day, but it did work. Mainly because of my intention of solid working hours behind it!


    And that's how I got to where I am today, where I can communicate with spirits on 'my terms' and then close off when I want to and be a regular person.

    Aren't you scared of this?

    I was for a very long time, but now that I have gained control of my abilities, I enjoy helping people on both sides. I have full protection and faith in my abilities and that of my guides, angels and higher power.

    Do you see ghosts walking down the street like in Ghost Whisperer?

    Thankfully I don't see them right in front of my eyes, but I can feel and hear them when I walk into a place or past a house. I have worked on 'turning off' this perception for most of my day, otherwise things would get overwhelming pretty quickly! I also do grounding and protective visualization exercises so that I don't 'pick up' any unwanted energy. That said, I still regularly assist earthbound spirits wherever I go, as they come to me for help crossing over. I do see spirits as 'energy' which for me looks like a mirage, similar to what you can see coming off a hot bitumen road. When I connect to a spirit, I see them in my minds eye, which feels similar to when you're using your imagination or daydreaming.

    When are you available?

    I'm currently available for appointments at the following times:


    Monday: 6pm

    Tuesday: 6pm

    Wednesday: 6pm

    Thursday: 6pm


    Please go to the Book Now section to see availabilities and schedule an appointment. If your request is urgent please email me and I will try to fit you in after hours.

    How do I pay for an appointment?

    If you book online you can pay via PayPal, Credit or Debit card (you don't need to have a PayPal account to pay by card).


    After you select the Assessment & Clearance you would like and the time that suits you, please click on the 'Pay Now' link. You'll then be taken to the 'Pay with PayPal' page where you can login if you have a PayPal account or click on 'Pay with credit or debit card' if you don't.


    If paying in person, I accept cash, Credit or Debit card and have a card reader on hand to process the transaction.

    I'm still not comfortable with the process. How can I find out more before I book?

    Please send me a message below or contact me at help@ghostremovals.com.au or 0402 580 777.


    I will endeavour to address your concerns as soon as I can (within a few days) but please bear in mind that I'm very busy and there's only one of me :)

  • Testimonials

    Read what other people are saying...

    Lauren - Clearance - In Person - May 2016

    My children and I have always felt an uneasy presence in our home. There was not a night in the three years that we have been living here that they would sleep through without waking and crying after night terrors, I was at my wits end with their sleeping and developed serious depression. Additionally, our pets all slept very close to the children at night, becoming anxiety ridden and unwell. I have also rented an upstairs area of my home out to two different friends who both became very down and sad while living in the space. I would hear voices, pick up strange smells, hear footsteps upstairs, see flashes of light and there was a black cloud hanging around my daughter's cot.


    Once I contacted Renee, the presence became stronger and more overwhelming (to the point that it tried to sabotage our booking!). Renee "tuned in" to find a sad ghost stuck in the upstairs area we rented out and a negative entity/energy throughout the home (and street!). She worked with me to clear both presences, welcoming my feedback and following up multiple times to offer the warm guidance and reassurance I needed to process the changes. After this was done, my four year old son even commented “the monsters are really gone now!”.

    Our Energetic Clearance was very thorough, professional and highly effective and our home feels like our home for the first time. Thank you, Renee! 

    Kate - Clearance - Remote - Nov 2015

    For years my husband and I always felt like there was “something” in our house. Things would get moved; we would hear noises, such as footsteps, and would also see flashes of a shadow past our window. After speaking with Renee she connected with our “ghost” and guided him away from our home. Since then we haven’t had any of the above experiences and I feel like “he” is no longer around our house. Although our ghost was never harmful to us, I did feel a little uneasy; it is nice to know he is not here anymore and that uneasy feeling has gone. I would highly recommend Renee to anyone who has this problem or issue. It was a very simple process with immediate results!

    Sally - Clearance - In Person - Jan 2016

    I was having problems with items going missing in my house and feeling a presence and feeling depressed, so Renee came to tune in to see if she could solve my problem.  She found I had two  "ghosts" hanging around and a dark presence attached to me which she got rid of, the last one took a lot as it apparently had been with me for a long time. Afterward I felt the depression lift and felt much better, definitely helped me.

    Gary - Clearance - Remote - Jan 2016

    There were a number of things Renee was successful in helping us with. In January, my wife and I weren’t sleeping properly and, worse still, our three year old daughter was waking numerous times during the night, crying and scared. There was a different feel to our house and it was uncomfortable. This went on for a few weeks and I eventually contacted Renee after being awoken in the early hours one night to see the figure of a large man standing over me, which then illuminated in bright light before disappearing. Renee tuned in remotely the next day and cleared this entity from our house. Everything returned to normal.

    Chloe - Clearance - In Person - May 2016

    Renee has a very calming presence and holds space exceptionally well. I had felt the feeling of "something" in my aura for quite a while now six years and she was able to take this reptile energy out once and for all. I would recommend her for this type of work . Many healers steal away from this work out of fear of attachment but I sense that she was meant for this work. I am now entity free. And I am manifesting wonderful things Thank you Renee.

    Lisa - Clearance - Remote - Mar 2016

    I spoke to Renee to see if she could help with looking into what I felt was a negative energy in my home. We had only been there for 4 years and the house is about 14 years old with one previous owner. I would often come home and just feel deflated, with a lack motivation or feel miserable as soon as I walked into the house. I was beginning to think it was just 'me'! Renee was able to 'see' the area of the house affected and tell me it was not me - there was an elderly gentleman who had not yet passed over and he was occupying one of the rear bedrooms. He was miserable, lonely, missed his wife who had passed before him and was just hanging around being very sad. Renee was able to help him cross over for which he was very grateful for. Since that evening, I have been able to focus on my studies more - the study is next to that rear bedroom, I feel more energetic when I am at home and communication with my spouse has also improved. I would highly recommend Renee for any situation that needs clearing. Renee is very professional, caring and understanding along with being efficient and accurate in her work.

    Celeste - Clearance - Remote - Feb 2016

    I was feeling sluggish, lethargic, constantly craving unhealthy food and unable to sleep. Once Renee had finished removing the unwelcome entity I instantly felt like my normal, healthy energetic self and I was able to enjoy a full nights sleep again. Thank you Renee!

    Michelle - Clearance - Remote - Dec 2015 

    I contacted Renee after feeling that something wasn’t quite right at my house. My toddler daughter was acting strangely and talking about someone in her room. Renee tuned into my house and found there was someone trying to give me a message. It was an old school friend who passed away when I was in my late teens. He communicated to Renee about my failed driving test when I was young and accidentally drove through an intersection, something only a few people know about!! His message was to be careful at intersections. I was extra careful at all intersections after that and about one week later two cars ran a red light and I avoided a collision because I had taken off extra slowly. I was amazed at the accuracy of the message and also that Renee could clearly relay the message to me. My house returned to normal after this, thank you Renee I am very grateful!

    Kim - Clearance - Remote - Nov 2015

    My husband and I moved into his mother’s house several months after the death of his mother.  His relationship with his mother had been strained and caused him a great deal of pain.  Although we renovated what we could, scrubbed and cleaned, there remained a heaviness and sadness about the house.  I struggled to bring light and vitality into our new space.  When Renee said she had sensed a spirit attached to the house who seemed to be the spirit of my husbands mother I felt some hope.  Renee did a clearing and almost immediately there was relief and a new lightness in our home.  Before the clearing I was seriously considering moving, now we are settled and happy here.  I would definitely recommend Renee to anyone having similar experiences.

    Sandy - Clearance - Remote - Feb 2016

    Thanks to Renee I can sleep easy again! I became aware of a being that was hanging around me wreaking havoc, not only with myself, but also my kids (making them act strangely and my daughter could hear growling noises in her room at night). Even though I was able to set up protection for myself and my family I had a sense that he was around waiting for me to let down my guard. It was only when Renee did her stuff and returned him to the light that I could relax completely once again as we’ve had absolutely no problems since.  Renee was amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

    Sonya & Cynthia - Clearance - In Person - Mar 2016

    Wow!!! Renee, What an interesting insight that you have given us, you are truly amazing at what you are doing and we are both so honoured to have had this opportunity to meet up with you today.

    Your visions are so accurate as everything we discussed earlier and the clearing you did has already had a shift as we are both a lot calmer including my husband!!

    Pamela - Clearance - Remote - Mar 2016

    Thank you so very much. I don't know what time you did this but amazingly I had a very good chat with her yesterday afternoon for the first time in ages...esp since she left WA. It was a relief in itself. This is great stuff and thank you for including me in the Energy Clearance. Good to know! I shall recommend you to my friends.

    Read more Testimonials at spiritconnect.net.au

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    I offer a unique blend of psychic reading guidance and healing energy work within the one session. I can help with healing your energetic, physical and emotional bodies and connecting you with loved ones on the other side.



    Please check out my other site for more information:



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